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Art’s Birthday Party 2007- from Antwerp, by Ward Weis

10 March, 2012 in programs

21:40 – 22:00 GMT RAVEL – Radio-No-Radio (Belgium)

Live from Antwerp


“Ancient life was all silence. In the nineteenth century, with the invention of the machine, Noise was born. ”

words by Luigi Rusollo.

Can we make a same statement for radio ?

What if radio wasn’t invented 100 years ago ?

RADIO-NO-RADIO try’s to find answers, listen therefore to the silences between today’s radio stations.

We hear randomized long-, middle-, shortwave and fm silence samples on a interactive 16 channel speaker installation.

From 13.00 these radio silences sound in the public library DE DRIEHOEK Antwerp / Ekeren until it closes at 20.00 . Continuing we organize an ART’S BIRTHDAY party from 20.00 to 24.00

4 musicians and 1 actor improvise in the RADIO-NO-RADIO soundscape. The public is free to walk around. This performance becomes part of the EBU ARS ACUSTICA event ART’S BIRTHDAY 2007.


AndrĂ© Goudbeek – bandoneon
Tom Hannes – voice
Peter Jaqcuemijn – double bass
Jan Pillaert – tuba
Dirk Wauters – percussion
Floris van Manen – programming
Ronny Pringels – Website
Klaas Janssens, engineer
Luc Gubbels – production for MARABOU vzw.
Ward Weis – concept and direction.

With the support of the Antwerp City council / Ekeren

A special RADIO-NO-RADIO website can be found 17/01/2007

Ward Weis: What do you think radio is about?

13 February, 2012 in news

Ward Weis is looking for answers to the question: What do you think radio is about?