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Tag archives for Sound Source

Contribution of RNE to Ars Acustica/EBU-ABP 2011 Selection and mix: Ana Vega-Toscano / José Iges From Radio Clásica we invite everybody to a travel that we could name 25 / 20 (Ars Sonora Mix): that means 25 years in twenty minutes with a double birthday celebration: the art’s birthday itself and the twenty-five years of […]

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In 1999 ROARATORIA was 20 years old, in 2000 The Canterbury Tales of Geoffrey Chaucer are 600 years of age. Therefore, as a birthday gift and in honour to two wise Men of the past millennium: On the basis of the roaratorie score a new realisation has been made in cooperation with Het Toneelhuis in […]

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