Radiophonic Workshop

Show 462: 130 in 1 – more adventures with electronic circuits by Mark Vernon

This weeks edition of Radia allows us to eavesdrop as a father and his 10-year-old son bond over a succession of increasingly fiddly electronic experiments – at the behest of the manual they connect wires, transistors, capacitors and diodes to … Continue reading

BBC Radio 4 Extra – Selected Radiophonic Works

BBC Radio 4 Extra – Selected Radiophonic Works Richard Coles tells the BBC’s Radiophonic Workshop’s extraordinary story. In 1958 a unique musical laboratory opened at the BBC. It was called the Radiophonic Workshop and provided music and sound for a wealth of BBC programmes, from The Goons to Dr Who.…

El lado femenino del sonido…

El lado femenino del sonido, así es como tituló Sol Rezza a este preciado artículo publicado en la revista Sonograma sobre la historia de las mujeres que trabajaron en el Radiophonic Workshop de la BBC. Sol Rezza muestra un gran interés por rastrear las huellas y las historias de la mujeres que han utilizado la [...]