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FONair Radio – micro commissions – Call for Works

19 August, 2012 in call of works


‚ÄúSound is all around us ‚Äď listen‚ÄĚ

Octopus Collective are offering a number of micro commissions during 2012 consisting of a series of 30 or 60 minute live broadcasts from our Piel View House studio space. We are seeking proposals for sound works which are suitable for and explore/examine/poke the possibilities and potential of radio as a space for arts activity.

We encourage artists to broadcast live from the radio studio at our HQ in Barrow Park or, if this is impractical, we will accept pre-recorded or live-streamed pieces of work from anywhere in the world.

In particular we are looking for original works which play with the idea of ‚Äėspace‚Äô or ¬†‚Äôspaces‚Äô (personal, private, public, internal, external, dramatic, musical, poetic, political, etc.) and to this end we will be broadcasting the programmes binaurally for listening on headphones.

Types of work could include but are not restricted to:

- soundscape recordings (modified or not)
- spoken word
- sound art
- live studio discussion/debate
- music
- documentary
- works recorded or produced binaurally, ambisonically or in multi-channel format.

There is a small fee of £100 for each broadcast and an additional £50 towards travel expenses for applicants wishing to broadcast from our studio space in Barrow-in-Furness.

- The deadline for applications is 17:00 GMT on Friday 28th September 2012.

- Successful applicants will be notified by no later than 17:00 GMT on Friday 12th October.

- Broadcasts will run from late October 2012 until March 2012 every second Friday of the month.

Please click here to submit your proposal

Feel free to contact us for more information or with any enquiries.

“La vie en bleu” & “English with Ralph_False Friends” by Anna Raimondo – Kunst Radio – Sunday 16th October – 23:03 p.m.

13 October, 2011 in programs

I invite You to listen to my new radio works produced by Kunst Radio, on the 16th of october 2011 at 23:03 p.m.

Polish your radio and tune it into Oe1 frequencies, if you live in Austria.

If you are in another part of the world, dust your computer, calculate the jet lag
and be sure to have a good internet connexion for listening to Kunst Radio web.

Anyway, you will need a pair of speakers or headphones, a pen and some papers…

The menu of the day is:

“English with Ralph” (2011), a succulent radiophonic English course made by Ralph’s synthetic voice, a voice with a real soul.

“False Friends”
(2011), an electroacoustical composition based on Linguistic false friends.

“La vie en bleu”
(2011), an aquatic trip between Naples and Marseilles. Seasides tasting.

“Lavapi√©s Chip√©n. Memoria de un barrio” (2008),¬†produced and realized in collaboration with Manuel Calurano Ramos.

I hope you enjoy!

For more informations, please read the material attached to this e-mail.


Je t’invite à écouter mes dernières créations radiophoniques produites par Kunst Radio, le 16 octobre 2011 à 23h03.

Essuie ta radio et syntonise la sur les fréquences de Oe1 Kunst Radio, si tu habites en Autriche.

Si tu es dans un autre coin du monde, je t’invite à dépoussiérer ton ordinateur, prendre en compte le fuseau horaire
et être sure d’avoir une bonne connexion internet pour écouter sur le site de Kunst Radio.

En tous cas, tu auras besoin d‚Äôune paire de bonnes enceintes ou d’un casque, un stylo et des feuilles‚Ķ

Le menu du jour est:

‚ÄúEnglish with Ralph‚ÄĚ (2011), un succulent cours d‚Äôanglais radiophonique donn√© par la voix synth√©tique de Ralph, une voix avec une vraie √Ęme.

‚ÄúFalse friends‚ÄĚ
(2011), une composition électroacoustique à base de faux amis linguistiques.

‚ÄúLa vie en bleu‚ÄĚ
(2011), un voyage aquatique entre Naples et Marseille. Au go√Ľt de mer.

‚ÄúLavapi√©s Chip√©n. Memoria de un barrio‚ÄĚ (2008), produit et r√©alis√© en collaboration avec Manuel Calurano Ramos.

Pour une mise en bouche du programme, tu peux consulter le matériel en pièce jointe ou me contacter…

A n n a  R a i m o n d o

Alessandro Bosetti. African Feedback

11 April, 2011 in works

Through a process of listening and speaking, African Feedback documents an exchange between artist Alessandro Bosetti and residents of villages throughout West Africa. Playing music by various experimental and avant-garde composers to people met in villages, Bosetti records their responses, asking them what they are hearing, and how they relate to the music and sounds. Composing their responses, with field recordings made throughout his travels, African Feedback is a musical portrait of cultural translations, misunderstandings, different voices and languages. Including an audio CD and the transcriptions of the listening sessions, along with an introduction by the artist, African Feedback is a beautiful and beguiling work cutting across the ongoing questions of cultural difference.

” … For African Feedback I travelled in Western Africa with a CD player and a selection of experimental, electro-acoustic and improvised music.This “portable memory” represented my background as a musician or, in other words, my personal “cosmogony”. My favorite records.I did propose a listening of those sounds to people completely unaware of them and I did ask for a description. I did never explain what they were listening to.They listened the music through headphones and I recorded in the meanwhile the description or imitation they produced in real time.The presence of the headphones permitted not to have traces of the original musics in the new recordings but just the “feedback” received from the listener. Once back in Europe I used exclusively this recorded material in constructing a text sound composition. The dynamics of misunderstandings, of interest or indifference in front of my propositions in sound constituted the focal point of my curiosity and reflection. Recordings took place in November 2004 in Dogon and Mossi villages between Mali and Burkina Faso.”
A. B.

Composed in Berlin and Paris, Jan to Aug. 2005. All additional recordings, sound processing and instrumental sounds by the author.
Premiered on Deutschland Radio Kultur (DLK) on 17-3-2006. Supponted by La Muse en Circuit.

Alessandro Bosetti