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Tag archives for Headphones

“Sound is all around us – listen” Octopus Collective are offering a number of micro commissions during 2012 consisting of a series of 30 or 60 minute live broadcasts from our Piel View House studio space. We are seeking proposals for sound works which are suitable for and explore/examine/poke the possibilities and potential of radio […]

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I invite You to listen to my new radio works produced by Kunst Radio, on the 16th of october 2011 at 23:03 p.m. Polish your radio and tune it into Oe1 frequencies, if you live in Austria. If you are in another part of the world, dust your computer, calculate the jet lag and be sure to have a good […]

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Through a process of listening and speaking, African Feedback documents an exchange between artist Alessandro Bosetti and residents of villages throughout West Africa. Playing music by various experimental and avant-garde composers to people met in villages, Bosetti records their responses, asking them what they are hearing, and how they relate to the music and sounds. […]

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