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Introducing Syntone ~ news and reviews of radio art

30 March, 2011 in articles, news, publications

Hi! ¬°Hola!

For our first post on radioartnet we’d like to introduce ourselves.

Syntone is a francophone blog founded in December 2008 that aims to be an online magazine about the arts of radio. We provide news about radio art festivals, conferences, competitions, special broadcasts on an international level (see AGENDA in the right column) and develop radio art critics mostly in French.

As an introduction, we suggest the reading of:

~ Fondu √† l’ouverture sur une nouvelle d√©cennie [fr] our 2011 editorial

~ And what is radio art now? [en] summary on the Radia blog of Qu’est-ce que la radiophonie aujourd’hui ? [fr]

~ Feature in France [en] our first post in English, about French radio documentary today

~ El radioarte… en Espagne [fr] that will lead to the Spanish version by fellow blogger Laura Romero

You can follow Syntone on twitter (mostly french+english) and facebook (french) as well.