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Radio-System: call for participation

25 May, 2011 in call of works

Call for Participation – Radio Art & Sound Art: ”AIR / EAR” installation.
1 july 2011, 8:00 pm – 11:00 pm
22 july 2011, 8:00 pm – 11:00 pm
Gobernador Cabal 2333
San Justo – Santa Fe –
Call for Participation – Radio Art & Sound Art: ”AIR / EAR” installation.
First collective installation of radio art and sound art will open in San Justo, Santa Fe, Argentina.
As part of an outreach project in small cities in the use of sound and radio media as part of a new artistic concept: the radio art, I would like to invite you to participate with sounds, through the minimum of the radio art concepts: ”the limits of artistic ham radio never been nor will be clear and definitive, in many cases the boundaries are exceeded, and often new artistic initiatives lend themselves to gender confusion. This is the case of the radio art, as new discipline, transgressive, avant-garde, can not be easily pigeonholed or seeks views on its unique and decisive reason for being. Top radioastas the world, gathered in the now famous Ars Acoustics group of the European Broadcasting Union (EBU), have refused to offer definitions that frame the radio art bound and making a false statement. On the contrary, have claimed that the radio art is a discipline that only seek the trial away from the default safe. However, we could say that the radio art is any work that was created by and for the radio, is intended to expand the creative and aesthetic possibilities of the electronic media from the elements underlying its language, voice, words, music, noise, sound effects, environments, silence. Factor which may form a language, have an inherent grammar, with the option of building aesthetic messages, ie messages that seek to move the listener. This shock can be achieved through the radio has its own language, whose conventions are understood and appreciated by one accomplice receptor (…) The radio art sound art is a proposal that means that radio is not only the support of his work but the very essence of that work that shaped the possibilities of new technological tools, a unique language and a vast array of content.” Lidia Camacho
About ”AIR / EAR” installation
”AIR / EAR” is the assembly of a radio transmission in a / a space / cultural hall of a small town in rural Argentina. Over the years my relationship with the radio, I was penetrating into the ambient sound of space around me constantly, in everyday life and transmission of these devices, like having a pair of headphones built all the time. This combination made in time I discovered the term radio art and began to investigate.
”AIR / EAR” joins two English terms related to the transmission and listening to together form a Spanish word, meaning fresh, oxygenation and giving to know one thing.
”AIR / EAR is through sound show the different ways in which the radio art grows, so by means of a call over the Internet are invited to participate in this event, transforming it into a sample collectively.
”AIR / EAR” arises to make known a new art form, the radio art through sound public places and means of communication.
Are invited to send audio output as follows:
1) Sound file (s) (MP3, WAV, cassette) that produced it yourself or with others. The same may include: sounds in your room and, testing of a band sounds of their neighbors, street street, conversations, issues related to noise, radio recordings (such as sound meta-message). Duration between 5 and 15 min … you want your 15 ’fame?!
2) Write your thoughts on the play (written on paper, email, and / or hand-written) – If it is written on paper or written by hand, please be good to spend a PDF, or mail it to me address (included below).
Text on…
• Sounds itself.
• The themes of the sounds and noise in other (aesthetic, emotional, religious, psychological, philosophical, sociological, historical, political, etc).
• The sounds filtered through the headphones, walls, windows, etc).

Important notes:
• The sound quality is not important.
• Sounds submitted will be played from a computer, is an audio (audiogallery), so that people will have access only acoustic, do not be discouraged by the low frequency: all will be part of the sample, the receivers will be the curators themselves.
• If your recording is a cassette recorder, do know. They can be digitized.
• If you can only record on cassette tapes let me know. If submitted in time, I can record to a digital format.
• Please include your name and contact details (web address – mailing address and short biography.)
• The productions, in all cases, be transferred under Creative Commons license.
• The files are compiled as a playlist in the living room, through a streaming e-radio.
Preferably to
By mail to:
Gobernor Cabal 2333
Rubén Marino Toulouse 2333
(3040) San Justo, Santa Fe

Make sure you arrive until 1 June.
Feel free to send the following information to anyone who might be interested.

Send email to

Thanks! Among all we hear and walk
Rubén Marino Toulouse