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Saout Radio: Convocatoria/Open call : Here. Now. Where?

13 December, 2013 in call of works


Open call : Here. Now. Where?
Deadline : 18th January 2014
A participatory project of sonic ambulation in Marrakech’s taxis.

Saout Radio’s proposal for the 5th Marrakech Biennial (February the 25th – March the 2nd).

Find out more information below and don’t hesitate to spread the information.
For more information: or


Appel √† participation : Ici. Maintenant. O√Ļ?
Date limite: 18 Janvier 2014

Projet participatif de déambulation sonore dans les taxis de Marrakech.
Une proposition de Saout Radio pour la 5ème Biennale de Marrakech (du 25 Février au 2 Mars 2014).

Vous trouverez ci-joint plus d’informations et n’h√©sitez √† diffuser cet appel autour de vous.
Plus d’info: ou

Dreamlands: International Open Call for Radio Art

21 August, 2013 in call of works

Radio Arts are commissioning four new Radio Art works of 30 or 60 minutes in duration.
We are seeking proposals that explore the relationships, possibilities and potential of radio.
Works should take the theme of: ‚ÄėDreamlands‚Äô as a point of departure.

A fee of £500 will be granted for each commissioned work.

To apply send a CV and 500 word proposal with relevant links to your audio/radio work to:

The deadline for applications is December 6th 2013 (successful applicants will be contacted in January 2014, works to be produced by Easter 2014).

Intermission: An Audio Portrait Of Place. Open Call for Audio/Radio Submissions.

12 August, 2013 in call of works

Na programa√ß√£o do ECOS, queremos repensar e potenciar o papel da r√°dio no actual contexto dos meios de comunica√ß√£o, enquanto meio privilegiado de difus√£o sonora, de √Ęmbito interventivo e comunit√°rio tanto regional como internacional.
Por via da parceria estrat√©gica com a, a r√°dio acompanha e transmite todas as actividades programadas potenciando assim a interac√ß√£o entre os p√ļblicos presentes nos eventos e os p√ļblicos locais, nacionais e internacionais captados na transmiss√£o online, em directo ou atrav√©s de podcast.


Durante os 2 meses que intercalam cada fim-de semana de programa√ß√£o abrir-se-√° ao p√ļblico a possibilidade de apresentar projectos de r√°dio sobre as tem√°ticas e as m√ļltiplas rela√ß√Ķes que se podem estabelecer entre Escuta e Lugar.
Ser√£o convidados quatro intervenientes para programar e orientar o¬†open call¬†para r√°dio, com vista a alargar a reflex√£o e cria√ß√£o de conte√ļdos sonoros sobre as tem√°ticas inerentes a este projecto. Temos como objectivo fomentar o experimentalismo atrav√©s de novas formas de fazer r√°dio, apoiar novas iniciativas de r√°dio arte e aprofundar o conceito de ‚Äúself media‚ÄĚ.

OPEN CALL #1 / PAULO RAPOSO / ‚ÄúHow to get lost and start listening‚ÄĚ

OPEN CALL #2 / JENNIE SAVAGE / Intermission: Audio portraits of place – Mapping the space between A and B.
JENNIETo make a map is to create a visual register of place. A scale image. A pocket sized mirror of reality.

To actively use a map is to make connections, create possibility, to travel in the mind and perceptually join people, places and ideas together.

‚ÄėMapping‚Äô is an attempt to represent multiplicity. To give form to concepts, ideas, journey‚Äôs, even time.

An audio map is the playing out of sounds, ideas, field recordings, footage and imaginings from a geography this creates a new topography- a new map. A map that connects sounds to place and then forges connections between places. This process is enabeling. It connects people and ideas; situations that seemed singular become multiple.

In 1961 Gordon Cullen published a book called ‚ÄėTownscape‚Äô which explores the visual effects in the grouping of buildings, the juxtapositions of which have often emerged spontaneously and over time. What is the audio equivalent of a townscape? Can we collectively map an aural ‚Äėtownscape‚Äô for the 21st century? Since Cullen‚Äôs book was published there has been significant shifts in attitudes to town planning and architecture with the introduction of large shopping malls and ideas like zoning, the pervasive use of materials- slate paving, concrete, sheet glass, stainless steel. What would our collective recordings tell us about the kind of architectures, towns and villages we inhabit today? The economics of locality, the march of global capitalism, the sonic environments produced by these situations?

Help to build an audio map by sending a recording for live broadcast during the Architecture Triennale Lisbon.

Please record a 20 minute journey that helps us to imagine your place or maps a locality. For example: Walking past a street market, up an escalator to the mall, jump on a bus, get off at the park. Or walk down the road turn left onto the beach, walk along the beach, turn right into forest….
Your recording might capture local languages, music, cultures sounds and spaces.

Submissions could include: A 20 minute field recording, field recording with commentary, Interviews or conversations recored in situe or whilst walking, street names and directions, broader interpretations welcome…

Selected works will be broadcast and streamed by between 20 and 22 of September.

All participants will be credited with weblinks.

Deadline for submissions : 9th September

Please fill out the form

Please send your audio file through to
File format: MP3 > 320 kbps
File name: give the same name as the title of your piece.

ECOS/ECHOES is a non commercial art and culture project. The copyright for submitted files remains with the artists. A selected number of submissions may be presented on the website as a public archive. The legal model we work is theCreative Commons License.


Jennie Savage //

Nuno Torres //

radio //

Open Call for Random Time Radio

14 June, 2013 in call of works

Open Call for Random Time Radio
as part of the “Addicted2Random” Festival in Halle/Saale, Germany

Acoustic Mapping of the Coincidental

Throughout centuries of European musical tradition, coincidence and the coincidental did not play a role in composition ‚Äď H√§ndel, Bach and Beethoven were masters of systematic composition and artistic perfectionism. Yet contemporary musical creations of the avant garde commonly employ coincidence as a means of composition. It is the transitory nature of the moment and the allure of the unpredictable that allow musical dimensions expand to the infinite.
Together with international sound and radio artists, the festival Addicted2Random (A2R) examines through sound installation, radio art, exhibition and performance how the compositional style of classical European music and artistic work with coincidence can influence each other.

For the festival’s radio programme we are looking for radio art pieces.

The A2R festival is organized by free radio station Radio Corax. We will install a radio studio for three days (10-12 July 2013) in the birth house of Georg Friedrich Händel in Halle to broadcast live festival events.
For our all-day radio programme around these live events we are searching for radio art works that may touch on issues such as:
- computer generated music
- the European musical heritage
- ideas for new forms of radio
- the idea of the coincidental within art
- radio art based on randomness

You are cordially invited to send us a contribution to the festival’s “Random Time Radio‚Äú programme, including a brief description of your radio piece for our announcements. All pieces will be considered and if necessary a selection made. Unfortunately we cannot offer any financial support.

The deadline to send audio files is 5th July 2013.

File formats accepted are wav and mp3 (192kbps or higher). Contact us if you want to send pd or max/msp patches. For files larger than 10MB please use services such as
Please send your works to Georg Wellbrock:


9 May, 2013 in call of works

Convocatoria – AIR-EAR- 2012 – RADIO & NATURALEZA

Call for Works-Participation – AIR-EAR – 2012 – RADIO & NATURE (english)

Día Mundial de la Radio 2013 / World Radio Day 2013

31 January, 2013 in call of works, news

El miércoles 13 de febrero de 2013 es la fecha proclamada por la UNESCO para celebrar la Radio. La plataforma web lanzada por el Comité Internacional del Día Mundial de la Radio organiza intercambios de cápsulas sonoras (máximo 1 minuto de duración) asegurando la promoción de este medio.
Todo el mundo puede participar produciendo y enviando sus mensajes y audios, sea cual sea vuestra relaci√≥n con el mundo de la radio (radio p√ļblica, privada, asociativa o comunitaria, productor independiente, oyente, amateur).

Wednesday February 13, 2013 is the day announced by the UNESCO to celebrate Radio. This World Radio Day International Committee web platform organizes sound items exchanges in order to promote this media (1 minute maximum). You are invited to produce and to send to this website your posts, whatever your link may be with the radio world (public radio, private radio, community radio, independent producer, listener, fan, …).

+ info

Kunstradio-Radiokunst: Call for presents to ABP 2013

2 January, 2013 in call of works

ART IS 1.000.050 YEARS OLD!

+ info

Celebrating Art’s Birthday is a tradition started by French Fluxus artist Robert Filliou who declared, on January 17th 1963, that Art had been born exactly 1,000,000 years ago when somebody dropped a dry sponge into a bucket of water.‚Ä®‚Ä®Throughout the last decades artists continued organising annual celebrations in the spirit of Filliou’s “Eternal Network” or “La F√™te permanente”. Also in 2013 all over the world will again be numerous networked birthday parties for art.

Join us at December 1st: Chain Reaction – XLR-Radio

15 November, 2012 in call of works, news

Hello, everone!

Greetings from Graz Рtogehter with the writer and radioart person Max Höfler, we are preparing a live radio show in the series of XLR Рextended live radio, on Dec 1st in Graz, from 6pm to midnight.

We want to ask: what do we really need, and invite a bunch of people to
answer this question in sound/radio, plus share it with others, so
that we can have some sort of chain reaction. > thus the title :)
it can be “good” what we share with each other, but also not … and
it can also get out of control.

this sharing can happen in different ways: live – streaming;
preproduced and put online somewhere, or by VOIP (already installed,
so people can leave their messages, here we are mostly thinking of

date: 1.12.2012
time: 6pm – midnight Graz time (central european)
place: forum stadtpark
it will be broadcast at the local community radio, Radio Helsinki

and is part of the RADIA – network programe for the Sao Paolo Biennale

that is currently going on until 9th of december.

at radio helsinki we will do 2 types of programe:

- in the week from 26th novembre to 2nd of december, we fill the

nightprogramme with works from the radia-network, a radio art network

run by community/free radios in europe and some other places since

several years.

- the live radio on the 1st of december

on this weekend forum stadtpark has a 4day action going on, under the

title “Die Tagung der Komune”, inspired by Bertold Brecht’s “Die Tage

der Comune”. this is – as i understand it – a floating and fluid

gettogether of various artists, that will work out as a performative

installation that will also be filmed.

on this weekend in sao paolo, there will also be a guest artist in sao

paolo, Marold Langer-Philippsen


here in graz, we suggest to have some sort of timeline, that means: we

agree on certain time slots, who is going to be “on” when.

now, what we want to know from you:

1) do you want to participate?

2) how do you want to do that? (live remote, live in graz,

preproduced, VOIP, something else?)

3) do you want to work on somebody else’s material?

4) for how much time do you plan your part? (in minutes :))

as you can imagine, it would be good to know that in advance, but i am

also open to spontaneous interventions :) or also: if you are not

interested, please just drop us (, a line.

it can be of course also already existing material, and as there is no

budget, i ask you to be gentle with your resources.

technically speaking, we will have a small radio studio in forum

stadtpark in graz, and stream the programe from there, which then gets

picked up by the radio and is directly broadcast.

all best wishes


Phonurgia Nova awards 2012

29 October, 2012 in call of works

New call for works
sound is art)))
Phonurgia Nova awards 2012
deadline : november 1th

Form for registration available on / Formulaire d’inscription √† t√©l√©charger sur le site

Ce 18√®me concours est organis√© en partenariat avec les collectivit√©s et institutions suivantes / The contest is organized with the support of the following institutions : Ville d’Arles, R√©gion Paca Conseil G√©n√©ral 13, Ga√Įt√© Lyrique, La Semaine du son, Radio Campus France, Lib√©ration, SACD, GRM de l’INA, GMVL Lyon, Euphonia Marseille, Union Europ√©enne de Radio-T√©l√©vision UER/EBU.

plus d’infos
plus de sons et

Magz Hall: Babble Station

4 September, 2012 in call of works

baby babble for radio project

Pop in at anytime with your little ones to the workshop space at the Horsebridge Arts Centre Whitstable on Sundays 2nd, 9th and 16th Sept -¬†from 10am- 3pm so we can record your baby babble. If you would like to contribute online send your baby sounds and babble for this radio project¬†as audio files (mp3 or wav)¬†to me via send space or similar to¬†¬†¬† ‚Äď thankyou