Fernando Godoy: Cu

Fernando Godoy: Cu

Fernando Godoy: Cu


Fernando Godoy: Cu in Soundproof (ABC)

From this Friday February 13th , listen on air, online or download Cu – which is the second episode in The Remote Series, a five part series that explores the theme of remoteness, where the defining feature of remoteness is the experience of distance, however minute or vast, in time or in space.

El Teniente is the one of the world’s largest underground mines, located in Cachapoal Province in the Chilean Andes, 7,500 feet above sea level, where copper (or Cu on the periodic table of elements) is still being extracted as the primary export and pillar of the Chilean economy.
Chilean sound artist Fernando Godoy was given permission to record El Teniente for three days. He spent one day outside the mine, recording the ‘concentration plant’: a chain of non-stop working machines where the mineral is transported, depurated and ground into little pieces, and two days inside on level 5 (of 8 levels total), where the mineral is transported by an extensive internal train which loads and unloads rocks via the mine’s complex network of tunnels.

Godoy’s acoustic experience of the mine was marked by the repetitive and constant sound of machinery but also by the sound of rocks, metal, the drone of tunnels, its electricity system and the low frequencies of sounds traveling through the tunnels.
Cu was made exclusively with mine field recordings, with no sound manipulation during the composition except equalization and layering.

Fernando Godoy (cl) is an electronics engineer who lives and works in Valparaíso, Chile.
He uses diverse media to research sound phenomena and is interested in the study of sound landscapes, the relationship between art and technology, acoustic phenomena and temporal perception.
Since 2008 he has been the director of the Tsonami Sound Art Festival in Valparaíso, a platform for the development and diffusion of contemporary sound practices.

The Remote Series, commissioned from Skálar | Sound Art | Experimental Music, by ABC RN’s Creative Audio Unit for Soundproof, consists of five programmes created by internationally acclaimed artists working with sound. Each is asked to consider an aspect of the idea of ‘remoteness’, or the experience of distance.

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