Join us at December 1st: Chain Reaction – XLR-Radio

Join us at December 1st: Chain Reaction – XLR-Radio

Hello, everone!

Greetings from Graz – togehter with the writer and radioart person Max Höfler, we are preparing a live radio show in the series of XLR – extended live radio, on Dec 1st in Graz, from 6pm to midnight.

We want to ask: what do we really need, and invite a bunch of people to
answer this question in sound/radio, plus share it with others, so
that we can have some sort of chain reaction. > thus the title :)
it can be “good” what we share with each other, but also not … and
it can also get out of control.

this sharing can happen in different ways: live – streaming;
preproduced and put online somewhere, or by VOIP (already installed,
so people can leave their messages, here we are mostly thinking of

date: 1.12.2012
time: 6pm – midnight Graz time (central european)
place: forum stadtpark
it will be broadcast at the local community radio, Radio Helsinki

and is part of the RADIA – network programe for the Sao Paolo Biennale

that is currently going on until 9th of december.

at radio helsinki we will do 2 types of programe:

– in the week from 26th novembre to 2nd of december, we fill the

nightprogramme with works from the radia-network, a radio art network

run by community/free radios in europe and some other places since

several years.

– the live radio on the 1st of december

on this weekend forum stadtpark has a 4day action going on, under the

title “Die Tagung der Komune”, inspired by Bertold Brecht’s “Die Tage

der Comune”. this is – as i understand it – a floating and fluid

gettogether of various artists, that will work out as a performative

installation that will also be filmed.

on this weekend in sao paolo, there will also be a guest artist in sao

paolo, Marold Langer-Philippsen


here in graz, we suggest to have some sort of timeline, that means: we

agree on certain time slots, who is going to be “on” when.

now, what we want to know from you:

1) do you want to participate?

2) how do you want to do that? (live remote, live in graz,

preproduced, VOIP, something else?)

3) do you want to work on somebody else’s material?

4) for how much time do you plan your part? (in minutes :))

as you can imagine, it would be good to know that in advance, but i am

also open to spontaneous interventions :) or also: if you are not

interested, please just drop us (, a line.

it can be of course also already existing material, and as there is no

budget, i ask you to be gentle with your resources.

technically speaking, we will have a small radio studio in forum

stadtpark in graz, and stream the programe from there, which then gets

picked up by the radio and is directly broadcast.

all best wishes


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