Datscha Radio Open Call

Datscha Radio Open Call


Der Garten ruft!
The Garden is Calling!

Open Call Datscha-Radio

A garden is more than a metaphor: Bridging architecture to nature, it is a living space for visions and encounters, for work and leisure, and for (self) representation. The garden has been a companion to mankind in all cultures since the beginning of civilization. With the onslaught of technologies of daily life, the topic of gardening has continually gained attention in terms of aesthetics, history and ecology. The true potential of the garden, though, lies within its rich multitudes. A garden is not just one place, it is many places; not just one system, but many systems. To create a garden for listening and international cooperation which appeals to all of the senses – this is the aim of Datscha-Radio.

For 7 days, 24 hours, from 24th to 31st of August, we will be broadcasting directly from a typical Berlin garden patch. Rain or shine!

Datscha-Radio – This is it:

●      Datscha-Radio is a temporary micro-broadcasting station set up on the grounds of the garden community “Einigkeit”(“Unity”) in Berlin-Pankow

●      Datscha-Radio is devoted to the topics of gardening and horticulture in the broadest sense

●      Datscha-Radio is created by gardeners, artists and guests

●      Datscha-Radio is free, non-commercial, and open to all

●      Datscha-Radio is dedicated to intuitive performance, music and poetry

●      Datscha-Radio links the site of the garden to the world.

Datscha-Radio may be heard on:

●       99.1 FM in the vicinity of Mönchmühler Str. 12, 13347  Berlin

●       88.4 FM & 90.7/ FM as a special  program broadcast of reboot.fm in the Berlin area (selected features)

●       internet stream: worldwide

●       in collaboration with other radio stations and projects (if interested, please, let us know)

Datscha-Radio invites you!

Datscha-Radio counts on the participation of garden-loving musicians, activists, composers and artists. We strive to create a solid week of program that reflects your creative visions:

Be it acoustic experiments, songs about gardens, field recordings, garden philosophy, poems, musings and horticultural advice, garden-related classical or electronic compositions, interviews and chats across the garden fence, green humor – Datscha-Radio is looking forward to your inspiring contributions!

1. Music

Format 1: pre-produced pieces ranging from 1 to 6 minutes (wav)

Format 2: pre-produced pieces/play-lists/features from 7 to 30 minutes (mp3)

2. Texts/Features

Format 1: pre-produced pieces ranging from of 1 to 6 minutes (wav)

Format 2: pre- produced pieces/play-lists/features from 7 to 30 minutes (mp3)

3. Speakers

Datscha-Radio is now scouting in Berlin for speakers, male and female, who are willing to help us in the pre-production of our collected text material.


Our Datscha-Radio program schedule will grow with the flow of the events on that particular day. Shorter tracks will be integrated into a playlist. Longer tracks will receive their own time-slot. The calendar on our website (from 5th of August) will reflect all information and will be updated continually.

What can Datscha-Radio offer?

Datscha-Radio works on a voluntary basis within a garden- and gift economy. Therefore we can neither pay for any costs nor disburse any production fees. What we have to offer is:

●       a platform and experimental site for acoustic bouquets

●       the broadcast of your contributions locally and on stream

●       linked to this: an opportunity for publication (including short bio and links) on website and stream new contacts to an increasing breed of “sound gardeners”

●       lasting sustainability: the documentation of the website will be archived for at least three years. Moreover, selected broadcasts will be integrated into the programmes of radio networks like radia.fm and reboot.fm

Who is Datscha-Radio?

Gabi Schaffner (project management, text and editing); Pit Schultz (technical management and editorial); Diana McCarty (editorial); Wolfgang Kriener (website management)

More info:



Any submission requires:

  1. your audio file (wav, 44.1 Khz, mp3 >256 kbps)
  2. production sheet including title, length, author and genre
  3. short CV (max. 500 spaces)
  4. possibly your own links
  5. statement whether your submission may be used for documentary purposes (yes/no)
  6. a photo relating either to you or your work (max. 200 kb)

The selection of your contributions is reserved to Datscha-Radio. All decisions are final.


Datscha-Radio is a non-commercial art and culture project. The copyright for submitted files remains with the artists. A selected number of your submissions may be presented on the website as a public archive. For this, we would then need your consent in writing. The legal model that we are considering is the Creative Commons License (see http://creativecommons.org/learn/licenses).


Please submit until the 4th of August 2012

Upload: www.datscharadio.de/upload

or via mail: datscharadio_9bbs@sendtodropbox.com




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