Radio Collage #1 EP (Em145)

Radio Collage #1 EP (Em145)

This piece was constructed from recent recordings of shortwave radio broadcasts. The recordings have been treated, layered, edited or just left as they were made.
This is the first in a short series of future ‘Radio Collages’.

Noise Research is the project of UK Sound Artist / Musician Ian Simpson.

Noise Research has material released on the Electronic Musik (UK),A.M.P. (Mexico) Rift Recordings (UK), Clinical Archives (Russia) Earth Monkey Productions (UK) & Bivouac (China) labels.
Albums / ep’s currently available are

* The Liftshaft EP (also known as Nuclear Liftshaft)
* Split with Barbarians
* Noise Research I
* Noise research II
* Noise Research III (also known as Experiment III)
* Rifts compilation (2 tracks) on Rift recordings
* Noise Research Four (on Earth Monkey Productions)
* Evoluon (on A.M.P.)
* Classwar Karaoke Survey series
* Ocean Epicure with Graham Dunning (on Clinical Archives)
* Forgotten Reel (very early recordings previously unreleased)
* Forgotten Reel II (second volume of early recordings)
* Music for Electronic Tape (Electronic Musik)
* Radio Electronics (Electronic Musik)
* Consisted Construction (Electronic Musik)
* Shelter Itch (on AMP)


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