Art’s Birthday 2009- Antwerp

Art’s Birthday 2009- Antwerp

Art’s Birthday 2009- Antwerp

ABP 2009:
20:40 – 21:00 GMT RAVEL – Free Networks
Live from Antwerp

( Antwerp – Ward Weis )

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MUHKA ( Museum for contemporary art of Antwerp ) hosts the ART’S BIRTHDAY PARTY this year.

Students SOUNDDESIGN of the Royal Academy for fine arts of Antwerp create a sonic environment with sounds they have catalogued as SAVE and NOT SAVE. They are randomised through a multi-speaker installation in which a monotone voice reads their description as a slow soft litany.

A multi-monitor version of The virtual listening project” by Floris Van Manen will be projected on the white walls of the museum.

Live sounds from in and around the musuem are processed by PURE DATA structures.

Additional acoustic snapshots of other performances ( State of the arts – by Jef Lambrecht ), live music ( noise-group Spasm ), DJ-ing, . in the museum are mixed as fragments in the live stream.

The Verdi & Ravel streams will be audible at different spots in the museum.

ART’S BIRTHDAY 2009 from Antwerp, the city of ” VLAAMS BELANG “; the ultra-rightwing party telling their citizens danger exists on each street corner with: Ramses Zeulevoet, Kristof Hendrickx, Kevin Nicasi, Kevin de Laet, Kenneth Emerson, Jozef Devos, Hans de Ley, Griet Pauwels, Glenn Vervliet, Emiel Redant, David Jongen, Sandra Van der Jeught, Piotr Talmachou, Muriel Claeys, Koen Rogge, Iris Roevens, Dominique ‘t Jolle , Jonathan Karsilo, Ronny Pringels, … and is supported by MUHKA, KASKA, KLANKSCHAP, KLARA & MARABOU vzw.

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