Dmitriy Nikolaev : The Tune

Dmitriy Nikolaev : The Tune

Dmitriy Nikolaev : The Tune

Duration: 15’03”

Year: 1993

Performers: Michael Bagdasarov and Alexander Tchutko, speaking voices

Composer and Sound Engineer: Boris Sokolov
Author and Producer: Dmitriy Nikolaev

Produced at the studios of Radio Ostankino with the help of the Moscow Contemporary Art Center (SOROS FOUNDATION)

Author’s Review:

THE TUNE is a radiostory without words. One can understand only through noises of human activity, sound effects and music what is happening in the play, in the relationships between two humans. At the beginning of the play the characters are great friends, but they do not want to “give uo their principles” and that leads them to hartred, to the fight and afterwards to the violent war destroying not only themselves. THE TUNE was inspired by event in my native country -the former Soviet Union.

By chance THE TUNE was being done during the days of the october 1993 riot in Moscow and it was difficult to distinguish the sound of tanks storming the parliament 12 hundred meters from our studio. However I tried the theme with humour -the only thing that can help on such occasions.

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Bio: 1960, lives in Moscow. He studied theatre art and was a stage director before he joined the Russian TV and Radio as a director and producer. He founded the Ars Acustica program “Metaphysics of Sound”. He has been awarded at Phonurgia Nova Contest 1994.

Edition: CD Ars Acustica International. EBU Selection 1994.

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