Hertz Celebration Project

Hertz Celebration Project


Radio Zero is preparing a special and colaborative streaming event to
comemorate Heinrich Hertz birthday next February 22.

Hertz experiments with electromagnetic waves were in the very basis
that led to the to the development of the radio. And his name became
the term used for radio and electrical frequencies: hertz (Hz), as in
kilohertz (kHz) or megahertz (MHz).

Radio Zero will organize a multiple stream session and
invites you to join in and  choose to perform within one of these 5 frequency
ranges : 80-200 hz – 200-500 – 500-800 – 800-2000 – 2000-20000.

Each frequency slot will have a length of 15m.

Deadline for confirmation: 15 February
send email to pauloraposo@radiozero.pt


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