Radiophonic Creation Day Call of Works

Radiophonic Creation Day Call of Works



International Radiophonic Creation Day is a biennal event honouring radio creation on its widest sense : soundscape, Hörspiel, radio drama, experimental music, various sounds…
How does it works ? On Saturday the 4th of June between midnight and midnight will be broadcast at the same time on a lot of radios around the world, the 24h programming provided by us and including your pieces. After the festival, a boxset containing the 24h of programming will be edited and will be distributed to all the participants and to arts centers, librairies, specialised bookshops etc….
Applicants must fill out and submit the Submission Formon this site, as well as an e-mail with your sound piece attached (it is preferable to use sendspace to send your pieces) to
Don’t forget to tag you piece properly with the producers name and the pieces name in order to identify you easely.

Application open to : radio stations, artists, anyone interested to sounds or not
Subject : no fixed subject
Length : no fixed length
Format : .wav or .mp3 (256kbps)

Open for submissions : 6th January 2010
Deadline for entries : 1st april 2011
Delivery of commissioned programming : 22nd april 2011
24h Broadcasting : 4th june 2011
Boxset edition : november 2011

Radio Station Name

Producer Name



Piece Name

Piece Lenght

Programme Synopsis (200 words max.)

Producer(s) Biog (200 words max.)

your e-mail adress
and your name


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